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FAQ – San Francisco Bay Area Local Movers – Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your moving company provide?

We are full service residential movers and office movers providing a complete range of services for your residential or office relocation. We have an excellent reputation for our dependable, efficient and friendly service. We were voted among best movers SF Bay Area.

How do you make the estimate for how much my move will cost?

We will come to your home, office, or business and make a visual inspection in order to make an estimate. At that time, you will get the chance to meet us and ask any questions you currently have about the move. This helps you know more of what to expect on the day of your move.

What pricing system do you use?

You will receive an estimate using a flat rate based on the number of hours estimated for your move.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone or the internet?

In order to give you an accurate estimate we will come to your home or office and make a visual inspection of the details of your move. We will give you an in-person, written estimate.

What if my needs change after I have received the estimate?

If you need to make changes to the shipping order, that is not a problem. We will identify the changes in a change order document so you know exactly what to expect.

Do you charge extra fees for things like gas, tolls, or stairs?

No. Our moving fees are based on an hourly rate without additional fees. You do not have to pay extra for such things as taking items up or down stairs, moving long distances, gas, or toll roads.

Do you insure my things during the move?

Yes. Every move includes basic insurance that is figured into the cost of your move. Most individuals find the basic insurance adequate for their needs.

Do you offer additional insurance if we desire?

Yes. There is additional insurance available if you are interested. Additional insurance is often purchased for high-end items.

Do you have any tips you can offer that will make our move easier?

Yes. If you haven’t arranged for McGuire Movers to pack you, everything should be packed and ready to be loaded onto the truck when the movers arrive on moving day.

Anything that isn’t furniture should be packed in boxes before the movers arrive. This will save time and thus save costs.

Any other tips that can make our move easier?

You can leave the items that are hanging in closets until the day of your move. When the movers arrive they will bring wardrobe boxes for items that are hanging in your closets.

Then, you can hang the items in the wardrobe boxes without having to take them off of the hangers.

The wardrobe boxes are free of charge to use during your move.

Can we leave clothes in dressers?

Yes, you can leave things like clothes and linens in the drawers.

The movers will wrap the dressers in furniture protection and wrap so the drawers won’t open and the movers can move the dressers with the clothes left inside.

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